Amelia Townsend

Abducted 3 weeks after birth in 1997



Amelia's  great great paternal grandparents James Townsend and Elizza Sophia Spinks,

two ancestors of a large paternal family Amelia has been improperly alienated from.


In early 1997 Amelia Townsend was abducted by her mother 3 weeks after her birth,  to prevent her from

ever having a relationship with her father and her extended  family.

Now, as the years tragically pass, many of Amelia's relatives have died.


For the last 26 years, Amelia has grown up endlessly fed false information to deter her from ever meeting her father.

Amelia has also been brainwashed in a culture that promotes hatred towards fathers for


The True Story.

For many years prior to Amelia's birth her mother suffered extreme mood swings that frequently caused her to be violent.

In the years and months prior to Amelia's birth,  her mother was increasingly violent without provocation.


Typically Amelia's father would be at the kitchen sink washing dishes when Amelia's mother would

sneak up from behind and punch as hard as she could in his right ear.


Other times it would be a  punch to the solar plexus that had  him collapse on the floor.

That  is just a few of extremely violent unprovoked attacks by her mother upon her father.


In the weeks prior to Amelia's birth her mother reported hearing voices telling her to jump out of

an aircraft in flight and smelling odor of vomit coming from the pristine clean bedroom.

These are called gustatory and auditory hallucinations and are symptoms of an underlying very serious mental health problem.


Amelia's mother declared that she would make sure her father died a very lonely old man.

These are the words and actions of a sadistic psychopath.


The above facts were in an Affidavit of Amelia's father and in a responding affidavit Amelia's  mother failed

to deny the allegations and wrote several paragraphs  that only an insane person would write.

If the allegations were  not true, Amelia's mother would have denied them. She did not, she tried to

mansplain it her violence, hallucinations etc were because of stress caused Amelia's father.


The paragraphs of the mother's responding affidavit make disturbing reading.

They actually state the legal principle that a failure to deny is an admission or what is called in law,

"Consciousness of Guilt" and or the  more modern expression "post offense conduct". 


Attempted murder.

In the weeks prior to Amelia's birth  Amelia's  mother placed an unknown chemical in her father's food

that caused him to instantly black out and crash face down on the floor. Later he had another bite and

the same thing happened again.


Attempted killing of their dog Fritzy.

The attempted murder of Amelia's Father was not enough. Later in 1997 after fleeing Ontario to Saskatchewan on a 3 day bus trip

with a new born Amelia, her mother found out that her father's German Shepherd dog "Fritzy" was being boarded temporarily at a vet's boarding kennel.


Amelia's mother then went to the vet, falsely claimed to the vet to be the owner of the dog "Fritzy"

Amelia's mother actually signed the paperwork to have "Fritzy" killed and it still exists as an exhibit to an affidavit.


The Vet refused because he believed Amelia's mother had a mental health problem.

Killing or attempting to kill a partner's pet is classic abuse by a psychopath.


Death threats

In 1998 two other people associated with Amelia's mother threatened to kill Amelia's father on behalf of Amelia's mother. Two were charged with uttering threats and both had charges dropped.


Fabricated Criminal Charges

From 1997 to 2000, Amelia's mother's "friends" caused a total of nine fabricated criminal charges to have

Amelia's father repeatedly arrested and charged and he was found not guilty on every single charge.

Three of those nine fabricated charges were heard before a judge from Sudbury, Justice Guy Mahaffy.

In June 2012 Judge, Guy Mahaffy issued, five (5) criminal charges of assault against Amelia's mother based

on her own affidavit referred to above, in which Amelia's mother admitted the above hallucinations and five very violent assaults.


When judges made orders that Amelia's mother did not like, she simply fled the jurisdiction and went judge shopping and obtained other judges in other jurisdictions to reissue orders that had been previously removed due to fabricated evidence and entirely false claims.

As above, the charges were issued Judge Guy Mahaffy. The mother's lawyer got the charges dropped by

falsely claiming those charges were issued by a Justice of the peace when in fact they were issued by an Ontario Judge

who had heard 3 prior fabricated charges against Amelia's father. In addition, the charges were dropped by

a Crown Attorney who had been prohibited in dealing with the matter by the Attorney General of Ontario

and who in contempt of that order withdrew the charges.


Later a judge in Sudbury read the above material and ordered a new trial.

That trial never happened. Amelia's mother set up a fake forwarding address in Quebec

while moving to  Kingston Ontario.



Dear Amelia,

An Australian relative of yours recently sent you an important letter to your mother's address.

The letter was sent registered mail to your name addressed as personal and confidential addressee only.

Canada Post advises that the letter was signed for by your mother.

You have a very large extended family and many of us would like to have you

be part of that extended family and enjoy the loving relationships

that you have been tragically denied since birth.


Amelia, for all your life you have been the victim of what is called parental alienation,

and fed entirely false information about your father.


Its time for you to  enjoy the love and affection that you have been denied have been raised to believe a whole host of false information about your father

who later obtained federal and provincial security clearances. 


Amelia, you have been denied a relationship with your entire paternal family

Its time for you to pick up the phone and  make that  call.


Your Tasmanian Cousin.